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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Protest against exploitation of workers

On Friday February 13 between 12 noon and 1pm UNITE will stage an action outside the 7-Eleven store at 115 Moorabool Street Geelong. This store is located on the corner of the mall in the Geelong city centre.

UNITE has opened a second front in our campaign against 7-Eleven’s super-exploitation. Workers in the Moorabool Street store are only paid a flat rate of $10 per hour and some have been forced to do an unpaid trial of up to 2 months! To top it off one worker was stood down for making a complaint and other workers have been threatened with violence.

The Workplace Ombudsman is now investigating the employment practices at the store and complaints have also been registered with Worksafe and the Police.

UNITE is demanding that the store start paying all of their workers at least the minimum wage plus penalty rates. We also want the worker who was stood down to be reinstated and for the franchise owner to pay back all of the wages he has stolen from the workers over recent years.

The facts are that many 7-Eleven workers across Australia are being underpaid. One worker in another Geelong 7-Eleven store has told us he only receives $5 per hour! It is high time that 7-Eleven Head Office fixed up the problems across the board.

We call on all of our supporters to attend this important rally and say NO to the 7-Eleven rip-off!

The protest is being organised by UNITE and is supported by the Geelong Trades Hall Council. For more information about our ongoing 7-Eleven campaign visit: