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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 Eleven Workers win pay claim

Unite has gained increased wages and recognition for the workers at 7Eleven Stores in Geelong. One employer is now complying with award provisions for workers wages and is back paying wages to several workers for the difference between the illegal flat rate and the award rate, in some cases as much as $20 per hour. For some workers this would mean thousands of dollars in unpaid wages being returned. Attempts are being made for most of the workers to get their money before Easter.

There are still some unresolved matters in the dispute that are currently being negotiated, such as the unpaid training time and the amount of hours worked. However, Unite Secretary, Anthony Mayne, is confident that all unresolved matters can be finalized for the Moorabool Street store and that other claims from other store in the Geelong region can then be acted upon. Mayne said "that street protest and boycotts are not out of the question in the future but for now we are making head way in resolving the disputes and giving back workers their rights and money".